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Michigan Token and Medal Society celebrates 50th in November

The following news release was provided by the Michigan Token and Medal Society to announce collectibles associated with their 50th anniversary. The elongates and silver medals are each limited to a maximum issue of 50:

The Michigan Token and Medal Society is pleased to announce that they will be celebrating 50 years of service to the numismatic community on Friday, November 27th at the Michigan State Numismatic Society’s Convention in Warren, Michigan. There will be a dinner, followed by awards, an auction, and lots of other activities. 

At this time, we are offering the following items for sale in preparation for the celebration. Numismatic items include wooden nickels which are double-sided with special designs for our 50th, and the elongated half dollars are rolled with a special design by Ray Dillard, Michigan’s specialty elongater! In addition, the 50th anniversary medals are coming from SilverTowne with whatever information you desire on the back, with a standard 50th anniversary logo on the front of the medal. All prices are listed below. Navy blue t-shirts and polo shirts are also available with the same design as the wooden nickels, created by a Mich-TAMS member. 

With such a special occasion, you won’t want to delay in ordering these items if you want them for your collection! Any questions, please call Doug Jennings at 734-279-1728 or email, [or write to his postal address] 2616 Summerfield Rd., Petersburg, MI 49270.

Items being offered

??Wooden nickel w/2 designs 50 cents each or 3 @ $1.00

??Elongated 1965 Kennedy half dollar (50 pcs.), $10

??50th Anniversary Medal 1-oz. .999 fine silver (50 pcs), limit one per customer, $30 if ordered before July 1, $35 after, please indicate inscription for medal

??Mich-TAMS t- shirt (s-xl), $10  (Add $2 for 2xl & $3 for 3xl), $5 shipping

??Mich-TAMS polo shirt (no pocket), $15 (Add $2 for 2xl & $3 for 3xl), $5 shipping

??Mich-TAMS polo shirt (with pocket), $18 (Add $2 for 2xl & $3 for 3xl), $5 shipping          

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