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MD-TAMS opens its own club website

The Maryland Token and Medal Society, or MD-TAMS, has opened its own website,

Club President Edward L. Craig made the announcement in the spring 2014 issue of the Maryland TAMS Journal, the organization's newsletter.

Craig writes in the journal: "This new tool is thanks to one of our members, Aaron Packard. Aaron freely volunteered his time to get our site up and running. This is very long overdue."

The new website offers users club history, membership information, details about upcoming events and more. According to Craig, "We will discuss the web site and its future at the next meeting."

"The Maryland Token and Medal Society was founded in 1979 by A. Vernon Taylor and Millard W. Hajek," according to the club history section at the website. "Realizing the need to establish a club where like-minded exonumia collectors could meet and share knowledge, a meeting was held in April of that year at the Maryland State Numismatic Association Convention. There it was decided to found MD TAMS, and the club was born."

Go to the website for membership and meeting information.

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