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Maryland organization marks bicentennial of 'Star Spangled Banner'

The Maryland State Numismatic Association has issued two collector items to commemorate the bicentennial of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and the War of 1812, in which the port city of Baltimore played a significant role.

For the bicentennial of the Battle of Baltimore and the writing of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” MSNA has issued encased 2013 Fort McHenry quarter dollars.

Produced by Penny Press Mint of Spanish Fork, Utah, the encasement is inscribed MARYLAND STATE NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION/CELEBRATES 200 YEARS OF/THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER/1814-2014. Renditions of Fort McHenry, the 15-star American flag, and fireworks bursts complete the design.

The encased Fort McHenry quarter dollars are from the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints.  A set of all three encased coins (one from each Mint) is available for $10. 

Individual Philadelphia or Denver Mint quarter dollars are priced at $4 each, and San Francisco Mint quarters are available for $4.50 each. 

Also available is the MSNA souvenir card for the War of 1812. 

The card features s reproduction of Donald Kagin’s example of a rare 1812 Treasury Department $1,000 bond, superimposed over a 15 star American flag.

The card is printed in color on thick, glossy paper. Cards are available for $3 each or two for $5.  

Postage costs $1 per order, for each product (so an order of both items would require $2 postage).

Both items may be ordered from MSNA at P.O. Box 13504, Silver Spring, MD 20911-3504.

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