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Mary Lannin named to chair Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee

Freelance writer Mary N. Lannin, left, has been selected as the next chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. Here, she is congratulated by U.S. Mint Deputy Director Richard Peterson while attending her first CCAC meeting on May 19, 2014.

Image courtesy of United States Mint.

Freelance writer Mary N. Lannin has been selected as the next chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

Lannin will succeed Gary Marks, who will be completing his second four-year term in 2015, the last five years as CCAC chairman. Marks' last meeting is Oct. 8.

Rhett Jeppson, principal deputy director of the United States Mint, informed CCAC members May 27 of Lannin's selection.

"Although a member of the United States Mint’s leadership team for just a few short months, I have quickly come to appreciate the invaluable work of the CCAC," Jeppson said in making the announcement to CCAC members. "Chair Gary Marks is a proven leader and has diligently directed the committee through several years of success. On behalf of the United States Mint and the Department of the Treasury, I wish to express our gratitude to Gary for his wise counsel and leadership. Without a doubt, he has helped take the Mint to a new level of excellence.

"It has become clear to me that each of you brings a unique set of expertise and commitment to America’s coinage. Because of your intuitiveness, creativity and vision, you have enhanced the Mint, our products and our people. As such, you are true members of the Mint team.

"Please join me in congratulating Mary on her new role. I look forward to a continued and successful relationship with the CCAC."

Lannin attended her first CCAC meeting May 19, 2014, under a four-year appointment made by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew based on the recommendation of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Lannin has worked on various numismatic papers and publications. Her die study of Alexander II Zabinas at Antioch, co-authored with Arthur Houghton, will be published by the American Numismatic Society in the upcoming Hellenistic Studies volume. She has also performed research in assisting other scholars who are contributing to this study. Other studies of Antioch’s Hellenistic coinage (Alexander I, Demetrius II) are in the planning stage.

Lannin holds life memberships in both the American Numismatic Society and American Numismatic Association, and is currently a member of the Royal Numismatic Society, the Swiss Numismatic Society, the San Francisco Ancient Numismatic Society, and the New York Numismatic Club.

She is a member of the Ancent Arts Council of the Legion of Honor (San Francisco). Lannin is also a member of the Asian Art Museum (San Francisco), the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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