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Market Analysis: Two major silver dollar types in 1795

An AU-58 1795 Flowing Hair dollar brought $46,800 while a 1795 Draped Bust dollar in AU-53 realized $40,800. Both had CAC stickers and were part of the B&D Sanders Collection of pre-1800 Type Coins.

All images courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

The B&D Sanders collection, offered by Heritage Auctions in May, featured both major design types of 1795 dollars: the Flowing Hair and Draped Bust types, both with green Certified Acceptance Corp. stickers.

An example of the former was graded About Uncirculated 58 by Professional Coin Grading Service and represented the B-5, BB-27 variety in the two standard references, selling for $46,800.

It is one of the most abundant of 19 Flowing Hair 1795 die pairs, and Heritage observes, “Light wear prevents a Mint State grade assessment, and a less-than-powerful strike results in inadequate design definition.”

The collection’s 1795 Draped Bust, Off-Center Bust dollar representing the B-14, BB-51 variety, graded AU-53 by PCGS, sold for $40,800.

Heritage writes, “The initial mintage of Robert Scot’s Draped Bust design shows Liberty’s portrait too far left, crowding the left-hand stars and presenting an unbalanced appearance when the coin’s obverse is viewed.” The design was modified on later issues.

This one features golden surfaces, with rich, warm-gray toning, and Heritage praised the “remarkably original surfaces”

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