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Market Analysis: Rare holders from NGC’s early years

Two common San Francisco Mint Morgan silver dollars in rare holders used briefly by NGC starting in November 1987 sold at strong prices. Both were graded MS-65 with green CAC stickers; the 1880-S Morgan dollar sold for $2,706.75 and the 1882-S dollar realized $2,899.99.

Images courtesy of GreatCollections.

GreatCollections saw two strong results at its April 3 sale with a duo of common-date Morgan dollars exceeding expectations, each housed in a Numismatic Guaranty Co. early white label holder, first used in November 1987, just a few months after the service started “slabbing” coins.

Eleven bidders chased an 1880-S dollar with a green Certified Acceptance Corp. sticker that ultimately sold for $2,706.75, while a dozen bidders pursued an 1882-S Morgan dollar similarly graded and stickered that brought $2,899.99.

On the latter, the auctioneer commented, “Early 2.1 Generation vintage holder that is not often seen today, this shows the NGC logo inside of the plastic holder. Label is slightly misaligned.”

NGC describes this holder as being introduced in November 1987 and explains, “This holder features the white label on white insert and embossed rear logo on insert instead of outside of holder. It is now accepted that this holder was very likely used before Gen 2 but it is commonly known as Gen 2.1.” NGC estimates that about 3,500 coins were slabbed in this holder.

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