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Market Analysis: Nearly Mint State Barber half dollars

A handsome AU-58 1913 Barber half dollar sold for $2,700 at Classical Numismatic Group’s March 11 ANA National Money Show auction.

Images courtesy of Classical Numismatic Group.

Classical Numismatic Group was the official auctioneer of the American Numismatic Association National Money Show, and among its treats were some wonderful choice About Uncirculated Barber half dollars.

Grading services use four grades within the “AU” category: AU-50, AU-53, AU-55 and AU-58. Those grading AU-58 are sometimes called “sliders” or “Borderline Uncirculated.” Professional Coin Grading Service explains the grade, writing, “There is the slightest wear on the high points, even though it may be necessary to tilt the coin towards the light source to see the friction. In many cases the reverse of an AU58 coin will be fully Mint State. Less than 10% of the surface area will show luster breaks.”

An AU-58 1913 Barber half dollar brought $2,700 in the CNG auction, a very strong price for this tougher Philadelphia Mint issue with a low mintage of 188,000. The price was comparable to what an MS-63 example sold for last year.

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