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Market Analysis: Final year for Franklin half dollar

A 1963 Franklin half dollar graded MS-66 FBL is a famed strike rarity in the series and this brilliant, flashy example sold for $7,800 at Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

Images courtesy of Stack's Bowers Galleries.

1963 was the final year of the Franklin half dollar series before it was replaced by the Kennedy half dollar in 1964, and mintages at both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints were large.

The Philadelphia Mint’s 1963 circulation strike half dollars are elusive with Full Bell Line designations, which PCGS applies to coins graded Mint State 60 or better that show full separation on the lines at the bottom of the Liberty Bell. No major disturbances like cuts or marks should be seen on the horizontal bell lines of coins with an FBL designation. PCGS has graded just nine 1963 half dollars in MS-66 FBL with two finer, both graded MS-66+ FBL. This example from the John Stoebner Collection, with flashy, frosty-white, clean surfaces, sold for $7,800.

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