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Market Analysis: Capped Head gold quarter eagles

An 1824/1 Capped Head gold $2.50 quarter eagle graded PCGS Genuine, VG Details, Rim Damage sold for $3,960, while an 1826/6 gold $2.50 coin graded PCGS Genuine, AU Details, Holed/Plug sold for $8,400 in a Sept. 15 sale by Heritage Auctions.

Images courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

An 1824/1 quarter eagle graded PCGS Genuine, VG Details, Rim Damage provided an accessible entry point to this scarcer type, selling for $3,960.

Heritage noted the unusual amount of wear, adding, “The rim damage mentioned on the PCGS holder is not readily apparent, although the surfaces have myriad marks, especially in the fields of this greenish yellow-gold quarter eagle.”

An 1826/6 gold $2.50 coin graded PCGS Genuine, About Uncirculated Details, Holed/Plug sold for $8,400. The date is represented by just 30 to 35 survivors. On this piece, the cataloger noted light wear, but more notably, “A plug is evident at star 13 relative to the obverse, and at the right wingtip relative to the reverse.” As a result, star 13 and the eagle’s wingtip were re-engraved to conceal evidence of the coin’s former hole.

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