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Market Analysis: Buying the holder and the coin

An 1892-O Barber quarter dollar graded MS-60 in an oversized PCGS green Regency holder sold for $6,168.75 on Dec. 8 at Legend’s Regency Auction 56.

All images courtesy of Legend Rare Coin Auctions.

Legend’s Regency Auction 56 in Las Vegas started with some unusual items that are not part of the normal chronology of a U.S. coin auction, which typically starts at U.S. Colonial issues and then proceeds by denomination starting with half cents.

The Dec. 8 session began with a run of seven rare slabs issued in the early years of Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guaranty Corp.

An 1892-O Barber quarter dollar graded Mint State 60 by PCGS in an oversized green Regency holder with an original bag sold for $6,168.75. It also featured a gold Certified Acceptance Corp. sticker, meaning it could easily get a “green bean” at the next highest grade.

This big holder was an option to highlight important coins, and approximately 700 of the slabs were produced from 1992 to 1996, according to Legend, of which perhaps 100 or so remain today. To put its price in context, typical lower-end Mint State representatives of the included coin might bring $500 at auction.

PCGS noted the slab label identifies a doubled die obverse, though the doubled die is considered minor in the series and does not have a distinct “Red Book” listing.

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