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Market Analysis: Arkansas half blooms in Legend sale

A beautifully toned 1935-S Arkansas Centennial commemorative half dollar graded MS-67+ with a green CAC sticker sold for just shy of $10,000 at Legend’s Regency 54 sale.

Images courtesy of Legend Rare Coin Auctions.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Regency 54 sale on Sept. 8 in San Diego had more than its fair share of beautifully toned coins. Beautiful color can enliven even coins that might be burdened by a “dull” design, as many collectors characterize the slick Art Deco sensibilities of the Arkansas Centennial commemorative half dollar.

Legend offered a 1935-S Arkansas half dollar graded Mint State 67+ by Professional Coin Grading Service, with a green Certified Acceptance Corp. sticker, that is tied with nine others for the finest graded at the service. It is certainly one of the most pleasing of the 5,506 minted. Legend observed, “Bold, satiny luster blooms vividly all over both sides, which are enveloped by a delicate pastel iridescent toning that ranges from soft sky blue to deep coppery orange-gold and lemon yellow,” and the well-struck half dollar sold for $9,987.50.

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