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World Coin Market Analysis

Coin World’s “World Coins” publishes values updates and market analysis for Canadian, British, Mexican and Euro coins on a regular basis.

The world coin values are compiled by specialists, one in each of the four series — individuals recognized for the knowledge of the market in each category.

Each world coins segment features values for the most popularly collected pieces in each series — circulation, bullion and commemorative pieces.

When a new update is available, a market analysis is published in the “World Coins” section of Coin World Monthly and the values are updated and posted digitally at Coin World’s website,
A Canadian coins market analysis was published in the Dec. 2, 2013, issue, and Canadian values updates were posted published online in mid-December.

A euro market analysis was provided in the “World Coins” section of the Nov. 4 Coin World Monthly, and Euro values updates were published online.

A British market analysis was published in the Sept. 2, 2013, issue, and values updates were published online.

The Mexican market analysis was published in the July 1, 2013, issue, and values were updated online.
Readers may access the world coins values at the Coin World website home page at
At Coin World’s main website, click on the Navigations bar at the top of the Web page and select Digital Edition. If you are not already logged in, you will need to do so with your subscriber login and password.
Once you have access to the digital edition of the latest Coin World, look to the lower right of the screen for the four buttons, one for each of the world coins values.

As your final step, click on the values desired and you will be directed to the complete version of the digital pages providing the most current values available for British, Canadian, Euro or Mexican coins. ¦

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