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Market Analysis: 1919 DDO dimes are still very rare

The 1919 Winged Liberty Head, Doubled Die Obverse dime is identifiable even in low grades. The variety was first widely publicized in the pages of “Coin World” in 2015. This About Good example sold for $1,020 on June 18.

Images courtesy of Stack's Bowers Galleries

The 1919 Winged Liberty Head dime with a prominent Doubled Die Obverse is a relatively new discovery, debuting in the pages of Coin World in 2015.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries offered one graded About Good 3 by PCGS showing prominent doubling on the motto IN GOD WE TRUST, especially at the letters N in IN, GOD, and RUST in TRUST. Managing editor William T. Gibbs described the doubling in his February 24, 2015, article announcing the discovery, comparing it to the 1916 Indian Head, Doubled Die Obverse 5-cent coin.

“A complete obverse design was hubbed over an incomplete obverse design, with a misalignment occurring between the partial and complete designs,” he explained, adding, “Only a portion of the motto was formed on the dime die during the first hubbing operation, that being the tops of the letters. When the hub used to create this obverse die was repositioned for a second hubbing, the tops of the letters in the motto were in a different location than on the partially formed motto on the die.”

Despite the die doubling being visible even in low grades as seen in the offered dime, few have turned up, most in well-circulated grades, and they remain expensive. This one brought $1,020.

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