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Market Analysis: 1795 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves dollar

This handsome 1795 Flowing Hair dollar graded MS-61 and bearing a green CAC sticker brought $88,125 at Legend’s Regency 55 auction at its New Jersey offices.

All images courtesy of Legend Rare Coin Auctions.

Legend’s lot descriptions often include commentary on the rare coin market that speak to often unsaid truths, such as the sometimes fine line between About Uncirculated 58 and Mint State 61 coins. This is especially prevalent in early U.S. coins as shifting market grading has redefined what is Mint State in these Philadelphia Mint issues from the first few decades of its operations.

In the firm’s Oct. 20 Regency 55 auction, a 1795 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves dollar graded Professional Coin Grading Service Mint State 61 with a green Certified Acceptance Corp. sticker sold for $88,125. With 1794 Flowing Hair dollars being rare and expensive, the 1795 dollar is the first generally collectible date of silver dollars for collectors.

Legend assured bidders, “This is not a glorified AU58 coin that was ‘pushed’ into a Mint State holder,” observing, “Superb surfaces for the grade, devoid of lines, ticks or scuffs of any kind.”

CAC stickers are particularly coveted on early coins like this and for a lower Mint State coin that might have some impairments that impact the eye appeal, a “green bean” is especially welcome.

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