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Coin World subscribers seeking online pricing for such items as small-size national bank notes from the 1920s can find the information through a link on our digital edition page at our website,

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Is there a user friendly way to find coin and note values when I sign in to my Coin World account? I have difficulty finding some items, e.g., fractional currency, Civil War tokens and $100 national currency notes from the late 1920s.

Also, does your database include pictures of all items, especially paper currency, to help identify items like they do in stamp catalogs and related references? If one could click on an item found and be linked to a picture and description to help verify its identity, it would be extremely helpful.

Paul Levold

Address withheld

Coin World’s Coin Values focuses on regular issue U.S. coinage. We don’t currently publish prices for Civil War tokens, which were privately issued, which is why you can’t find them.

However, $100 national currency notes, better known as national bank notes, and fractional currency, are priced generically in the paper money section, available to Coin World subscribers and found under the Paper Money Values tab adjacent to the digital edition of Coin World.

Many collectors are unaware that the individual numerical listings in Coin World’s Paper Money Values section found with the digital edition and inside the monthly Coin World Special Edition reflect variations within each paper money type.

Each variation is given a unique number, referred to as a “Friedberg number,” in deference to longtime catalogers Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg.

The individual numerical listings are the universally accepted method of describing and cataloging United States paper money, developed and used by the Friedbergs in their Paper Money of the United States.

The 20th edition just became available from the book’s publisher at

You really need the Friedberg book to know what kind of notes you have. The book has illustrations of each type of note. You can compare your notes with the descriptions and images in the Friedberg book.

Once you know the Friedberg number assigned to your note, a subscriber can find it in the Paper Money Values section online at

Coin World’s Paper Money Values section and the Friedbergs’ Paper Money of the United States are good companions because the Friedbergs provide the values used both within our monthly digital and print Coin World Special Edition, and online adjacent to our digital edition.

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