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Lincoln cents shine

In my Sept. 17 column, I featured doubled dies from all four phases of the Lincoln cent’s long history.

The Lincoln cent series is, without question, popular with Coin World readers, as Lincoln cent doubled dies again dominated the inbox.

A 1960 Lincoln, Large Date cent with a nice obverse doubled die was submitted by Marvin L. Young. Strong clockwise spread shows on the letters of IN and the G of GOD while slight doubling shows on the first T of TRUST.

I have it listed as 1960 1¢ WDDO-009. It’s not a new listing, but it is a nice find.

William R. Hostutler submitted a Proof 1961 Lincoln cent with a reverse variety that is a new listing for my files. A tripled spread shows on ONE CENT, the designer’s initials and both memorial bases. A doubled spread shows on UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and slightly on E PLURIBUS UNUM and both cornices.

I now have this one recorded as 1961 1¢ Pr WDDR-024. Rarity is the key word for this one. Proof Lincoln cent dies on average strike 3,000 coins before they are retired from use. As a result, it is highly unlikely that more than 3,000 examples of this doubled die variety exist.

Robert Pelletier submitted a 1962 Lincoln cent with a nice reverse doubled die that I have listed as 1962 1¢ WDDR-043.

A spread toward the east shows on UNITED STATES, the two left dots, the leftmost letters in E PLURIBUS UNUM, the left cornice, the left Lincoln Memorial base, and the letters of ONE CENT. The strongest spread is on UNITED.

Rounding things out this time is a 1996-D Lincoln cent from William Slaughter. Doubling shows on the upper right side of the statue’s legs. Doubling also shows on the right side of the sixth Lincoln Memorial column to the left of the statue.

I have this one listed as 1996-D 1¢ WDDR-009.

The area around the statue of Lincoln is prone to minor doubling on the single-squeeze hubbing presses so it is a good place to search on the post-1995 cents.

John Wexler is a renowned numismatic researcher and author on error coins and die varieties.

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