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Lincoln cents dominate inquiries to variety specialist

Last month, I shared a 1972 Lincoln cent submitted by Jason Lynch that all die variety specialists list as 1972 1¢ Obverse Doubled Die #2. This past month’s mail provided a surprise when another example of the same variety appeared from a different collector.

The coin from David Rogers exhibited that unmistakable strong counterclockwise spread that shows on LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, the front of Lincoln’s bust, and the date.

Stranger yet, a package this past month from Don Yerxa brought in another 1972 Lincoln cent with strong obverse doubling, but this one is from a different working die. 

A strong clockwise spread shows on LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, the front of the bust, and the date. All die variety specialists list this one as 1972 1¢ Obverse Doubled Die #8.

Compare the photo of this variety to that of the previous variety to see the difference in the direction of the doubling. Like 1972 1¢ Obverse Doubled Die #2, 1972 Die #8 would be considered a major variety, had it been produced in some other year, without a major doubled die variety, but it too is overshadowed by the 1972 Die #1 Obverse Doubled Die.

Moving away from the 1972 date, Charles D. Hudson submitted a 1980 Lincoln cent with an interesting doubled die reverse. The only doubling is to the ceiling at the top of the sixth Lincoln Memorial bay, where it is strongly doubled. I list this one as 1980 1¢ WDDR-001.

Finally, a 2005 P-Mint Lincoln cent from Jim Davis shows an interesting doubled die reverse.

Doubling shows at an angle on the lower left side of the seventh column to the right of the statue’s legs. Extra knees, at the same angle, can be found to the left of the statue’s knees. I list it as 2005 1¢ WDDR-053.

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