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The November/December issue of The Hub, bimonthly newsletter published by the National Collectors Association of Die Doubling, includes numerous illustrations of repunched Mint marks on Lincoln cents .

Repunched Mint marks, or RPMs, occur when a Mint mark is punched into a die more than once with the separate punches out of alignment. The result is a Mint mark that partially overlaps another, with elements of both Mint marks visible.

Each illustration with the article by John Bordner is accompanied with details and diagnostics for identifying the RPM illustrated. All of the RPMs discussed in the article are Lincoln cents from the 1940s struck at the Denver and San Francisco Mints.

In another article, John Wexler reports that publishing all of the attributed doubled die Lincoln cents he has listed in the Wexler Doubled Die Files would require at least 3,327 pages if one page were to be used to illustrate each variety with no pages for additional explanation. Wexler said his files comprise 1,152 Wheat cent doubled die varieties, 1,814 Lincoln Memorial cent doubled die varieties, 353 Lincoln, Bicentennial doubled die variety cents of 2009, and eight doubled die varieties for the Lincoln, Union Shield cent introduced in 2010.

In his Beginner’s Corner column, Wexler addresses misplaced dates on an 1887 Indian Head cent and an 1873 Seated Liberty dime.

Brian Ribar illustrates a new doubled die variety for a 1914/13 Indian Head 5-cent coin that is now listed in the Wexler Doubled Die Files.

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