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LSCC updates educational programs online says E-Gobrecht

Cover article used with permission from The E-Gobrecht, electronically published by the Liberty Seated Collectors Club:

As of the end of May, we have posted our initial set of educational presentations on the LSCC website. There are two primary types of materials posted on this page: Educational Programs (a library of PowerPoint files with Speaker Notes) and Regional Meeting Notes and Recordings (club updates, recorded presentations). For Educational Programs, there are both General Presentations, and Series-specific Presentations. The recordings of regional meetings and presentations follow the PowerPoint library.

From the home page, select "Educational Presentations" from the menu, or just go directly to

General presentations include:

- Introduction to Liberty Seated Coinage

- Overrated/Underrated Liberty Seated Coins

- Working with Images

Series-specific presentations include:

- Double Dimes and the Amazing Find at the Carson City Mint

- What You Probably Didn't Know About 1861-O Half Dollars

- Liberty Seated Dollars

- Silver Dollars 1834-1883

- The Andrew Jackson-Earl-Sevier Gobrecht Dollar

Additional presentations on Half Dimes, Dimes, and Carson City Half Dollars are planned in the near future.

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