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Search & Save book-album spotlights half dollar

The newest release in Whitman Publishing’s library of collector book-albums puts the half dollar in the limelight.

Search & Save: Half Dollars is the sixth book in the series, following volumes featuring Lincoln cents, 5-cent coins, the State quarter dollar series, the America the Beautiful quarter dollars, and dimes and general quarter dollars.

Freedom and Liberty dominate the 19th century”During the 19th century, Freedom and Liberty often took center stage on American money. Also inside this issue, we look at a long-running series of auction catalogs that set a high standard for competitors.

Search & Save volumes are a guided, hands-on way for beginning and intermediate collectors to be involved in active coin collecting by denomination and type. The Half Dollars volume is a 96-page hardcover book, with a Whitman Classic Coin Album page for storing and displaying 12 half dollars of different types and varieties, ranging from a Capped Bust half dollar of the early 1800s to today’s Kennedy half dollar, with room for three favorite commemorative half dollars. The rigid coin-album page has protective plastic slides on each side, holding each coin in place while allowing its obverse and reverse to be displayed.

Search & Save: Half Dollars initially explores American commerce and coinage from the Colonial era to the start of the Philadelphia Mint in 1792. Subsequent chapters cover Capped Bust, Seated Liberty and Barber half dollars (spanning from 1807 to 1915), Walking Liberty half dollars, Franklin half dollars, and Kennedy half dollars. A special chapter explores commemorative half dollars from 1892 to date, and a final chapter tells how to collect each coin type.

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Search & Save: Half Dollars is available now for $9.95 in stores and online. Whitman Publishing is the official supplier of the American Numismatic Association. ANA members receive 10 percent off the Search & Save books when purchasing directly. Visit for more details.

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