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Larry Jewett named as 'Coin World' editorial director

Larry Jewett, who joined the staff of "Coin World" in April 2020, was named editorial director of the publication effective Sept. 26 by Amos Media Co. CEO Rick Amos.

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Larry Jewett, who joined the staff of Coin World in April 2020, was named editorial director of the publication effective Sept. 26.

The appointment was announced to the Amos Media Co. staff by company CEO Rick Amos on Sept. 27:

“I am pleased to announce that Larry Jewett is the editorial director at Coin World effective Sept. 26, 2022. Larry previously held the positions of Coin World associate editor and prior to returning to Amos Media Company in April 2020, he was the editor-in-chief of the company’s Cars & Parts magazine.

“Bill Gibbs has done a wonderful job performing the duties of managing editor and editor for many years, and as he begins to think about reducing his responsibilities the timing is perfect to promote Larry into this leadership role.

“They will continue to work together to manage all the tasks and activities that go with a print, digital and social information platform. As we seek to be more engaged in the numismatic community Larry has become the ‘public face’ of the publication while Bill continues in his role as managing editor. We should all be comforted that Bill and Larry will be working together to make sure we continue to be the #1 resource for coin & paper money collectors and investors. We have several new innovations we are bringing to the market and I look forward to working closely with both of them.

“Bill has a built a solid editorial team with senior editors Paul Gilkes and Jeff Starck along with copy editor Fern Loomis. As we continue to add contributing editors, expansion of news and information, and growing our audiences, we have lot to look forward to, and while we are realigning some of the duties the team remains intact.”
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