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Kennedy in .9999 fine silver?

The headline in the Feb. 24 issue of Coin World asking “Gold Kennedy half dollar in collectors’ future?” did not pique my interest at all. It presented the possibility of the Mint producing a 2014 Kennedy gold half dollar.

I would rather see the Mint produce a Kennedy half-ounce, .9999 fine silver half dollar bullion coin. I’d also be interested in the possibility of an Uncirculated and a Proof version in the same composition, with mintages kept low. 

With low mintages, they might be one Mint product that would increase in value over time and draw new collectors into our hobby, which is desperately needed. 

With silver’s spot price just a little bit above $20 an ounce at present, I would hope these coins could be reasonably priced and allow younger collectors to get introduced into the hobby without involving a major expenditure on their part. 

Let’s hope the Mint will take into consideration all of these factors in its decision-making process, to make a product that is a winner. 


Editor’s note: The United States Mint does plan on making a 90 percent silver anniversary version of the 2014 Kennedy half dollar that will differ from the standard Proof 2014 half dollar in the annual sets.

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