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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar resigns CCAC post

Two months before his appointment as the first American-American member of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was greeted at a National Press Club speaking engagement in October 2016 by a number of U.S. Mint officials, including Greg Weinman, the Mint’s legal liaison to the CCAC.

Coin image courtesy of U.S. Mint; background image courtesy of Deborah Morales,

NBA legend and avid coin collector Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who became the first African-American member of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee when he was sworn into a four-year term Jan. 16, 2017, has resigned.

Acting U.S. Mint Deputy Director David Croft announced April 5 that Abdul-Jabbar informed him he was stepping down due to increasing personal obligations.

Abdul-Jabbar is a renowned former professional basketball player who is an avid coin collector. He became interested in numismatics through his love of history and his study of Alexander Hamilton. Abdul-Jabbar has agreed to remain on the CCAC until a successor is appointed, and remains committed to advancing numismatics, especially among minorities, according to the Mint. 

Croft said, “It has been an honor to have Mr. Abdul-Jabbar on the CCAC this past year, and we appreciate his work in reviewing the projects that went before the committee during his tenure.”

Abdul-Jabbar was selected as a CCAC member to serve the concerns of the general public.

Business and philanthropic commitments prevented Abdul-Jabbar from participating in CCAC reviews of U.S. coin and medal designs and design concepts to the extent he had hoped. Most of the meetings in which he participated were accessed by teleconference from wherever he was traveling.

Abdul-Jabbar’s departure now leaves the 11-member advisory panel short one member. 

Mint spokesman Michael White said April 5 that the Mint will begin the process of seeking a replacement. 

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