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Kagin's Inc. Announces Three New Websites

Kagin's Inc. said Monday that it is launching three new websites, offering new means of interaction with consumers. 

On, collectors will be able to purchase items directly from the website, and will experience faster search speeds and overall functionality. Collectors will now be granted direct access to Kagin's full inventory as well as countless industry-leading experts. 

At, collectors get exclusive access to market updates and purchasing strategies, as well as investment portfolio options. Dr. Don Kagin himself is also made available for Q&A with site visitors. 

Lastly, gives the public insight into a branch of Kagin's Inc. that before they did not have access to. Established in 2006, the division specializes in buying, selling, and appraising all sorts of Western Americana. Coins, bank notes, tokens, gold nuggets, documents, postcards, and Western antiques are all included. The site also offers client representation at auctions. 

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