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John Wexler receives ANA Presidential Award

President Jeff Garrett speaking at the Whitman Baltimore Expo awards ceremony, before his April 1 presentation of the ANA Presidential Award to John Wexler, variety specialist and author whose writings include the Remarks from American Numismatic AssociationCoin World column, "Varieties Notebook," published in the third Weekly issue of every month:

Finally, before we conclude the program portion of this ceremony I would like to recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to the hobby and to the American Numismatic Association — John Wexler.

A retired teacher of advanced mathematics, John is considered by many “the father of the doubled die” as he has spent most of his life tirelessly helping others to learn about these amazing coins.

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John found his first doubled die in 1971 and with the encouragement of error/variety specialist Alan Herbert, joined the Collectors of Numismatic Errors, a club he would eventually help to merge with the Numismatic Error Collectors of America to form CONECA. John was inducted into the CONECA Hall of Fame for lifelong contributions to the error hobby and awarded an Honorary Life Membership in 1988.

John has authored numerous numismatic articles and published The Encyclopedia of Doubled Dies, Volumes 1 & 2, after which his prolific contributions to numismatic research ranged from the subjects of Lincoln Cents to Re-punched Mint Marks, Buffalo Nickels to Mercury Dimes. The Authoritative Reference on Lincoln Cents, co-authored with Kevin Flynn, won the Numismatic Literary Guild award in 1996. John has been a contributor to Numismatic News and Coin World magazines.

Through his countless articles and many books, John’s passion has been not only to show new and interesting die varieties, but also to educate collectors about them and how they are created. He has constantly sought to better his own knowledge through research, even if it meant refuting his own findings, which shows courage and a desire for truth over ego.

For his service to our hobby, it is my pleasure to honor John Wexler with the ANA Presidential Award.

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