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John Quincy Adams sixth silver Presidential medal in ongoing series

A sixth Presidential medal struck in silver by the U.S. Mint is to be released at noon Eastern Time Nov. 18 as part of the bureau’s ongoing medals program.

The newest released will celebrate the legacy of John Quincy Adams, the son of John Adams, the second president of the United States, and first lady Abigail Adams.

The medal will be offered without product limits or household ordering restrictions at $39.95 per medal.

The medal will measure 1.598 inches or 40.5892 millimeters in diameter with a plain edge. It will be composed of .999 fine silver, weigh 31.03 grams and exhibit a Matte Finish.

The obverse design replicates John Quincy Adams’ portrait right, as it appears on Adams’ 1825 Indian peace medal.

The original obverse design was executed by Mint engraver Moritz Furst. The PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP reverse design repeats Chief Engraver John Reich’s design featuring a crossed tomahawk and peace pipe used on Indian peace medals from 1809 through 1849.

Unlike the preceding two Indian peace medals issued under the direction of the Office of Indian Trade, the original John Quincy Adams medal was produced under the jurisdiction of the successor agency, the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Adams medals were struck in bronze and silver in three diameters — 76 millimeters, 62 millimeters and 51 millimeters. All sizes of the John Quincy Adams medals were struck between December 1825 and January 1828, according to Medals of the United States Mint: The First Century 1792–1892 by R.W Julian.

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