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John Highfill seeks term on ANA Board of Governors

John W. Highfill, second from left, is running for the 2017 American Numismatic Association Board of Governors. Highfill is one of the founders of the National Silver Dollar Roundtable and is shown here receiving the NSDR's Lifetime Achievement Award that now bears his name, for 35 years of service to the organization. Outgoing NSDR President Jeff Oxman, left, made the presentation Jan. 6. Highfill's wife, Marlene, is at right, and their daughter, Chelsea, holds the award.

Image by Coin World Senior Editor Paul Gilkes.

The following news release from John Highfill, a longtime professional numismatist from Oklahoma, announces his candidacy for a two-year term on the American Numismatic Association Board of Governors:

John W. Highfill is running for the 2017 American Numismatic Association Board of Governors.

He started collecting Lincoln cents while in the first grade in Lawton, Okla., in 1948.

This led to a lifetime of numismatics. In his forty-year career as a professional numismatist, he  has always been a supporter of education. John has been an instructor at the summer seminars in Colorado Springs, Colo., for several years and a ANA consultant for three decades.

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He is the founder of the National Silver Dollar Round Table, a non-profit educational organization founded in 1982. It has become the 2nd largest numismatic dealer origination in the world. The NSDR™ presents at least six free seminars each year. John is also the design architect and website editor for the “” This site has a vast educational library with over 500 complementary articles.

His thirty-five-year history of accomplishments and awards include: five term President, thirty-five-year Board member, three-time President’s Award, three-time Man of the Year, 1994 Lifetime Achievement Award. He has recently been awarded of the NSDR’s “Legacy Award.” As of 2017, this title is now and henceforth entitled the: “John W. Highfill Lifetime Achievement [JH1] Award.”

John also understands the convention business. He owned and managed both the National Silver Dollar convention and the National Gold Convention for over 20 years. Both conventions and their seminars were free to the public. His past experience would be very helpful with the ANA bourse conventions.

He provided “complementary” Bourse Table Space for the ANA for 30-35 of his conventions during a twenty year period.

He is the Founder and President of Oklahoma Coin Exchange, Inc. and Highfill Press, LLC. and multiple other businesses.

He has written multiple articles for various news media, CDN Newsletter and including the NSDR™ Journal. He is their website designer and editor of various publications. He has authored The Comprehensive U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia. This book was awarded the “NLG Extraordinary Merit Award” – 1992. This was the very first complete history, origin, grading, overview of the history of Morgan, Peace along with all silver dollars consolidated into one 1,237 page book.

He has just released the updated and expanded version of The Comprehensive U.S. Silver Dollar Encyclopedia, 2017. This new release is over twice the size of the initial encyclopedia. It is also available in single book, double (two) book print and a completely new revolutionary style version in e-book.

He is ANA Life Member #2655, PNG #359, Life member #1 of the NSDR™, ICTA Board of Governors, CCE Board of Governors, Numismatic Literary Guild, along with up 20-25 nation-wide numismatic organizations. He is also a 25-year contributor to both the Red and Blue Books.

As ANA governor John Highfill will do everything within his power to help the organization continue its educational mission and expand when and where necessary. He knows how important the individual and club members are for the ANA’s success. The more the person knows about their collection, the more they can enjoy it. The ANA is about all their collector members and new ways to make things better as time moves forward, especially counterfeit and consumer protection.

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