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Jewish-American Hall of Fame medals honor Olympic champion

The Jewish-American Hall of Fame has issued a limited number of large 2-inch, 3-ounce, high-relief art medals honoring Olympic multi-medal winning swimmer Dara Torres, which will be given to contributors to the nonprofit organization.

The medal collection consists of 105 bronze ($50 donation), 60 pure silver ($200), and 35 gold-plated pure silver ($250) pieces. The Jewish-American Hall of Fame medals are the longest continuing series of art medals being issued anywhere in the world, according to Mel Wacks of the hall.

The Jewish-American Hall of Fame in 2020 has inducted Torres as its first female sports star. She competed in five Olympic Games, winning 12 medals. In her first Olympics (1984), she won a gold medal for the 100-meter relay. She went on to compete in the 1988, 1992, 2000, and 2008 Olympics, winning five medals in the 2000 Games, more than anyone else on her team.

In 2008, as the oldest-ever Olympic swimmer at age 41 (having given birth only a year earlier), she won two silver medals for the 100-meter medley relay and 50-meter freestyle, breaking the American freestyle record she had set at age 15.

Torres entered her first international swimming competition at age 14. Among multiple Olympic medalists, Torres is in 15th place worldwide (including both men and women), in fourth place among Americans, in second place among American women, and in first place among all Jewish Americans.

Torres was the first female athlete ever to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and in 2009, won the ESPY award for “Best Comeback.”

To add to her accolades, Torres was also named one of the “Top Female Athletes of the Decade” by Sports Illustrated Magazine and, in 2010 her book, Gold Medal Fitness: A Revolutionary 5-Week Program became a New York Times Best-Seller.

In 2019, Torres was inducted into the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame.

Torres’ likeness was created by the renowned American sculptor Eugene Daub — using a sculpting technique reminiscent of ancient Egyptian sunken reliefs — where a portion of the portrait is below the plane of the surface and part of it is above. The reverse was designed by Wacks, director of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame.

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