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Japanese court deals blow to Bitcoin movement: Coin World Buzz

1. Bad ruling for Bitcoin

After compensation for lost Bitcoin was refused in a Japanese courthouse earlier this month, it has been ruled that Bitcoin cannot be owned and are not considered pieces of currency in that country, The Memo reports

"The anonymous individual had been trying to claim for the Bitcoin they’d lost [during the 2014 MtGox collapse], however Judge Masumi Kurachi’s ruling that Bitcoin is 'not subject to ownership' due to their intangible nature and reliance on third parties to exchange," The Memo reports.

The full story is here.

2. World's Fair of Money social roundup

Last week was a busy one in Rosemont, Ill.

Here's all of Coin World's social media posts from the World's Fair of Money.

3. Platinum Night highlights

Two coins topped $120,000 price tag last week at the Heritage's ANA Platinum Night auction.

See which coins they were.

4. Precious metals pricing currently lists the following prices per ounce Monday:

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