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James Wiles issues new Lincoln cent RPM book

Die variety specialist James Wiles has released through Variety Vistas The Lincoln Cent RPM Book Volume 2: 1959-1989 as an ebook. The new volume continues the catalog begun in Complete your Lincoln Cent RPM .

Repunched Mint marks are a form of die variety resulting from the hands-on techniques used in die production from U.S. Mint's origins in 1792 through the late 20th century. Until 1990, all Mint marks were punched by hand into individual working dies, whose numbers could totals thousands over the course of a year. On some dies, the first attempt at punching a Mint mark may have been insufficient to form a fully shaped Mint mark. If the Mint technician failed to properly position the punch the second, overlapping Mint marks could be created on a die, with both Mint marks visible.

Technological changes introduced in 1990 and refined in the years since eliminated the variability in Mint mark position, icnluding making repunched Mint marks impossible.

The Lincoln Cent RPM Book Volume 2 is available for immediate delivery, according to Wiles.  The book is priced at $30 plus $4 shipping and handling. Send check or money order (payable to James Wiles) to 1490 Trail View Lane, Frisco, TX  75034, or use Paypal to with the funds.

Wiles is the attributer of 20th and 21st century die varieties for Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America.

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