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Ivy, Halperin win Clemy Award during NLG ceremony

Texas rare coin and bullion expert Michael Fuljenz, won six Numismatic Literary Guild awards at a ceremony held in Philadelphia on Aug. 9, giving him an unprecedented number of awards from the organization.

Since 1986, Fuljenz now has won an unparalleled 43 awards in 10 different categories from the NLG, a nonprofit organization composed of authors, editors and publishers who cover rare coins, paper money and precious metals.

“No one else I can recall has ever won in so many diverse categories over the years,” stated NLG Executive Director Ed Reiter.

Fuljenz is president of Universal Coin & Bullion in Beaumont, Texas.

The NLG awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the American Numismatic Association World’s

Fair of Money in Philadelphia.

During the awards event, the NLG’s top honor, the Clemy, was awarded to Jim Halperin and Steve Ivy, co-chairmen of Heritage Auctions, Dallas. The Clemy is named in honor of Clement F. Bailey, the first writer and recipient of the award, in 1968.

Other NLG awards presented Aug. 9, including the six awarded to Fuljenz, follow by category.


Book of the year — The work having the greatest potential impact on numismatics: Encyclopedia of the Commemorative Coins of the United States, by Anthony J. Swiatek.

Best specialized book:

U.S. Coins: American Numismatist, by Paul Hollis.

World Coins: A Guide Book of Canadian Coins and Tokens, 1st Edition, by James A. Haxby.

U.S. Paper Money: History of Collecting Confederate States of America Paper Money, Volume 1, by Pierre Fricke and Fred Reed.

World Paper Money: World War II Paper Money and Financial Instruments of Nazi Germany, by Harold Kroll.

Tokens and Medals: Discover the World of Charbneau So-Called Dollars, by Jeff Shevlin and William D. Hyder.

Numismatic Investments: The Essential Guide to Investing in Precious Metals, by David L. Ganz.

Museum and Exhibition Catalogs: Cultural Change: Jewish, Christian and Islamic Coins of the Holy Land, American Numismatic Society, David Hendin, author.

Extraordinary merit:

A Guide Book of United States Coins, Professional Edition, 3rd Edition, by R.S. Yeoman; Kenneth Bressett, senior editor; Jeff Garrett, valuations editor; Q. David Bowers, research editor.

America’s Beautiful National Parks, by Aaron J. McKeon.

Check List and Record Book of United States and Canadian Coins, Whitman Publishing LLC; Dennis Tucker, publisher.

Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties, Fifth Edition, Volume II, by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton; Ken Potter, editor.

Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms, by Martin Huth.

Coin World Almanac, Eighth Edition, the Coin World Staff; Beth Deisher, coordinating editor; William T. Gibbs, project editor.

Collecting Rare Coins for Pleasure and Profit, by Q. David Bowers.

One Coin Is Never Enough, by Michael S. Shutty Jr.

Peace Medals: Negotiating Power in Early America States Tokens and Medals, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Okla., Robert B. Pickering, editor.

Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1601-1700, 5th Edition, George S. Cuhaj, editor; Thomas Michael, Market Analyst.

The Collectible Ike Varieties, Special Edition, The Ike Group, Rob Ezerman, lead author.

The Surprising History of the 1838-O Half Dollar, by David Stone and Mark Van Winkle; James Halperin, editor.

Unusual World Coins, 6th Edition. George S. Cuhaj, editor; Tom Michael, market analyst.

U.S. Coins Close Up, by Robert R. Van Ryzin.


Best article or series of articles:

Coins: “Gobrecht’s Dollar Originals Show Eagle Flying Upward,” R.W. Julian, Coins Magazine.

Extraordinary Merit: “Platinum: The Rich Man’s Gold,” Jim Kingsland, COINage.

Tokens and Medals: “The 10 Most Interesting American Medals,” David T. Alexander, COINage.

Paper Money: “Check – or Credit Card?,” Amy Drew Thompson, COINage.

Best column: “My Two Cents’ Worth,” Ed Reiter, COINage.

Best Issue: Coins Magazine, May 2012, Robert R. Van Ryzin, editor.


Best article or series of articles:

Coins: “Errors by Design,” Kerry Rodgers, Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine.

Tokens and Medals: “Medal of Honor Commemorated in Coin,” Kerry Rodgers, Coin News.

Paper Money: “Going to Hell in a Note Basket,” Kerry Rodgers, Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine.

Best column: “Mostly Copper,” Donald H. Dool, World Coin News.

Best issue: World Coin News, November 2011, John M. Mussell, group managing editor.


Best article, large publications: “New Thoughts on the 1825/4 Half Eagle,” David Stone, The Numismatist.

Extraordinary merit: “Ancient Coins and the Cultural Property Debate,” ANS Magazine.

Best column, large publications: “USA Coin Album,” David W. Lange, The Numismatist.

Best issue, large publications: The Numismatist, June 2011, Barbara Gregory, editor.

Best article, small publications: “How Many Civil War Tokens Were Produced?” Donald Erlenkotter, Civil War Token Journal.

Best column, small publications: “Introduction by the Editor,” Harry S. Salyards, Penny-Wise.

Best issue, small publications: Curry’s Chronicle, Summer 2011, Carson City Coin Collectors of America, Rusty Goe, editor.

Extraordinary merit: Longacre’s Ledger, the Flying Eagle & Indian Cent Collectors Society, Rick Snow, editor.


Best spot news story or continuing coverage of developing story in numismatics: “The 1933 Langbord Double Eagle Trial,” Steven Roach, Coin World.

Best article or series of articles:

Coins: “Make Way for the Queen: 1870-CC Coronet $20,” Rusty Goe, Coin World.

Tokens and Medals: “Not the Lincoln You Know,” Fred L. Reed III, Coin World.

Extraordinary Merit: “Unsinkable, Unthinkable Titanic,” Jeff Starck, Coin World.

Paper Money: “Now There Are Six: Rare Confederate Tome Discovered,” Fred L. Reed III, Bank Note Reporter.

Best column: “Shades of the Blue and Grey,” Fred L. Reed III, Bank Note Reporter.

Best issue: Coin World, Aug. 1, 2011, Beth Deisher, editor.


The Maurice M. Gould Memorial Award, best column: “Money Talk,” Frank J. Colletti, Lost Treasure Magazine.

Best article: “Looking at Rare Coins in a Time of Rapidly Rising Metal Prices,” Steve Roach, Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies.


Best website article (two-way tie): “In God We Trust: The Story of Our National Motto,” Mike Fuljenz, 1st

American Reserve, and “The Fate of the Switt-Langbord 1933 Double Eagles,” Greg Reynolds,

Best dealer website:, Heritage Auctions, Paul Minshull, Brian Shipman, Michael Weems and Ryan Sokol.

Best noncommercial website:, the Original Hobo Nickel Society, Chris Dempsey, webmaster.

Best trade press website: The E-Sylum, the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, Wayne Homren, Editor.

Extraordinary merit:, David Lisot, executive producer; Scott Purvis, webmaster.

Best Internet blog: “The Numismatic Insider,” Q. David Bowers, Whitman Publishing LLC.

Best software: Odd & Curious and Traditional Money, Charles J. Opitz.


Best auction catalog, coins and currency: “The Shoshana Collection of Ancient Judean Coins,” Heritage Auctions.

Extraordinary merit: “Rarities Night,” August 2011, Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

Extraordinary merit: “The Hesselgesser Collection of Early Silver Dollars, Part II,” Ira and Larry Goldberg.

Best auction catalog, books and exonumia: “The 2012 New York Book Sale,” Kolbe & Fanning.


Lee Martin Founder’s Award for Best Investment Newsletter: Maurice H. Rosen, The Rosen Numismatic Advisory.

Best dealer-published magazine or newspaper: Investors Profit Advisory, Universal Coin & Bullion Ltd., Michael R. Fuljenz, editor.


Best all-around portfolio (three-way tie): Fred L. Reed III, Greg Reynolds and Jeff Starck.

Best writer in NLG Newsletter: Pete Smith.


Best radio report: “Hotel Coin Buyers: Still a Major Problem,” Mike Fuljenz and Jerry Jordan, KLVI 560, Beaumont, Texas.

Extraordinary merit: “Things You ‘Know’ That Just Aren’t So,” Patrick A. Heller, 1320 WILS-AM, Lansing, Mich.

Best television report: “Guns and Gold,” Mike Fuljenz, Sportsman Channel.

Best noncommercial video: Money Show of the Southwest 2011 Educational Seminar, Mike Fuljenz, speaker; David Lisot, producer.

Best commercial video: “Gold Coin & Bullion Market Today,” Mike Fuljenz.


James L. Miller Memorial Award: Maurice Rosen, COINage, “Where Is the Coin Market Headed?”

Clement F. Bailey Memorial Award, best new writer: Amy Drew Thompson, COINage.

The Ribbit: R.W. “Bob” Julian.

The NLG was founded in 1968 and annually presents prestigious awards to recognize excellence in journalism in numismatic topics, both in hobby/trade and in mainstream, general news media nationwide and worldwide. ¦

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