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Is this the finest known 1934 Peace dollar?

Among the surprises at Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ American Numismatic Association auctions in Philadelphia were the strong prices achieved by some wonderful Peace dollars from the Anne Kate Collection, among them this exceptional example from 1934.

Nearly 1 million 1934 Peace dollars were minted, but examples are seldom found in top grades. After production of the Peace dollar stopped in 1928, the Silver Purchase Act of June 18, 1934, required the production of silver dollars in 1934 and 1935. The Philadelphia Mint was not particularly careful with the production of dollars in 1934, and many examples have dull luster and modest eye appeal. 

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Professional Coin Grading Service has graded just three 1934 Peace dollars in MS-67 with none finer and this one — with a green Certified Acceptance Corp. sticker — brought $108,000. 

The cataloger observed that it is “essentially perfect,” showcasing “a complexion of soft luster and bold design elements without interruption. A warm golden iridescence glows from the central obverse before fading into subtle peach hues at the borders.”

For reference, although no PCGS MS-67 examples have been sold at auction recently to serve as comparables, PCGS has graded 28 in MS-66+. A handsome PCGS MS-66+ dollar with a green CAC sticker sold for $7,931.25 at a Dec. 14, 2017, Legend auction. 

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