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IOWMC president president discusses ANA show changes

A letter to members from the organization’s president highlights the October edition of Bunyan’s Chips, the official newsletter of the International Organization of Wooden Money Collectors.

President Darrell Luedtke informs members that the American Numismatic Association has reinstated its policy of allowing member clubs, such as the IOWMC, to receive free tables at the ANA’s three annual shows. As well, for every IOWMC member who is also an ANA member, the amount of the club’s annual dues to the ANA ($75 per year) is reduced by $5. Luedtke requests that dual IOWMC/ANA members provide him with information to reduce the IOWMC’s annual fee.

Each issue of Bunyan’s Chips typically includes secretary and treasurer reports, raffle and auction results, club-sponsored mail-bid sales, and reports on newly issued wooden souvenirs and member club activities.

For more about the IOWMC and membership information, email Darrell Luedtke at or Maurina Boughton at ¦

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