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Inside Coin World: Struck together, stay together

This 2007-D Idaho quarter dollar was struck four times, the last three uniface, as two coins travelled together during these later strikes.

Original images courtesy of Jon Sullivan.

Every weekly and monthly issue of Coin World has content exclusive to the print and digital editions, including columns and features that appear nowhere else.

Here is a preview of two of those exclusive articles in the March 16, 2020, issue.

Collectors’ Clearinghouse: Stuck together longer than normal

“Coins that are struck together usually drift apart before a second strike is delivered,” writes Mike Diamond in his weekly column. He adds: “However, unusually durable mated pairs will stick together for one or more additional strikes before separating.” He is not writing about permanently bonded coins, though. 

Mike writes about three coins that were struck with other coins that remained together as pairs for more than the instant it took for the first strike to end. He shows an Idaho quarter dollar, Roosevelt dime and Lincoln cent that exhibit signs of being struck with a second coin more than once.

To learn more about these errors and to see photographs of all three, see his column in the March 16, 2020, issue.

Numismatic Bookie: Coin World’s Sample Edition

In early 1960, a daily newspaper publisher in Ohio set about creating something never before attempted: a weekly newspaper for coin collectors. Thus was born Coin World, whose first regular issue was mailed in April. In March, however, a Sample Edition was mailed to potential subscribers and advertisers.

In his monthly column, Joel J. Orosz examines the March 1960 Sample Edition of Coin World. The issue established a standard that would be met week after week, year after year, decade after decade. That first sample issue carried news, inexpensive classified ads, a valuing section for U.S. coins, and lots more.

Read Joel’s column, which is exclusive to the digital and print editions of the latest issue of Coin World (now 60 years old).

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