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Inside Coin World: Spotlight on 1886 Indian Head cents

Do you see the differences in the portraits on these two 1886 Indian Head cents? Design changes made mid-year resulted in two distinct subtypes for the coin.

Original images courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

Every weekly and monthly issue of Coin World has content exclusive to the print and digital editions, including columns and features that appear nowhere else.

Here is a preview of three of those exclusive articles in the Feb. 17, 2020, issue.

Coin Values Spotlight: Two subtypes for 1886 cent

In my “Coin Values Spotlight” column in the Feb. 17 issue of Coin World, I examine the 1886 Indian Head cent, a common and inexpensive coin in the series with designs reflecting that changes were made to the hub mid-year.

The first version of 1886 Indian Head cent bears the design introduced on the coin in 1864. The second version bears a modified portrait that would be used for the reminder of the series, to its end in 1909. It is easy to distinguish between the two versions, if you know what to look for.

In lower grades both are affordable, with one version becoming more expensive in higher grades. To learn how to distinguish between the two and how much it would cost to add one of each to your collection, see my column in the print and digital editions of the Feb. 17 issue.

Numismatic Bookie: The leading hobby journal in 1960

In January 1960, no weekly numismatic publication existed. The leading hobby publication of the time was a monthly, Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine, published in Chicage by Lee Hewitt. In his “Numismatic Bookie” column exclusive to the Feb. 17 issue, Joel Orosz explores the January 1960 issue of the magazine.

The issue was novel-sized in page count, totaling 288 pages full of editorial and advertising content. The mood was optimistic, with the market showing strength, particularly in one area that has since mostly differed. Advertisers included a dealer still active today and another whose son would become a world-renowned magician.

To learn more, see Joel’s column found only within the pages of Coin World.

Coin Lore: Scrooge McDuck a coin investor?

“Everything I know about coin collecting I learned from Donald Duck’s Uncle Scrooge,” writes Gerald Tebben in his latest “Coin Lore” column. He adds, “Years before I found out about the Red Book (A Guide Book of United States Coins by R.S. Yeoman), I was an avid comic book reader, especially Uncle Scrooge comics. ...”

Gerry then explores a comic book in which the 1-percenter McDuck attempts to corner the market for 1916 quarter dollars. He buys every known example and then tosses all but one of them into the sea, making his coin the only one available. Then, something bad happens.

To learn more about Scrooge McDuck’s efforts at coin investing and to see art from the comic book, read Gerry’s column, exclusive to the print and digital editions.

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