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Numismatic friendship what 'builds the soul of the endeavor'

Brad Karoleff, president of the John Reich Collectors Society, hams it up while announcing the John Reich Collectors Society meeting for the Florida United Numismatists Convention, last January in Orlando.

Image courtesy of Florida United Numismatists.

Numismatics is full of personalities that mesh together to form a web of relationships. These can be between customer and dealer, or more personal friendships derived from a mutual interest. The former usually builds the physical part of the collection, but the latter fulfills and builds the soul of the endeavor.

We often take for granted the people we meet in the hobby. The passing of my good friend John Burns has forced me to reflect. I have realized that I have not always let the people who have become such a large part of my collecting family know how much I appreciate their friendship. 

There is not enough room in this article to name everyone who has helped and influenced me in my numismatic journey, but I’d like to take a moment to mention a few. To those not mentioned, know that I value your influence on my life.

I met my best friend, Charlie, through numismatics. He was the best man at my wedding and has mentored me in many ways. I cannot express my appreciation enough for his help and friendship.

My business partner, Mike, who has been like an older brother to me, has helped me to become a better person outside of numismatics while facilitating my numismatic career.

Some of my early mentors have already passed. They played a major role in my development. Jules Reiver was instrumental in my joining the John Reich Collectors Society at its inception. Russ Logan made me a better numismatist, researcher and, hopefully, mentor to others.

Stewart Witham showed the way in researching Bust coinage to all of us. Dave Davis inspired me to greater participation in JRCS.

Thanks also to the numismatic booksellers who have enlarged my library and my knowledge of the hobby. Without their help I would still be in the dark ages of my education. 

To all the officers of JRCS, past and present, who helped manage the club: Thank you. Without you the organization would not be what it is today. The behind the scenes work that does not get recognized is the backbone of any organization. 

I would also like to thank Beth Deisher, former Coin World editor, who gave me the opportunity to write this column, and her successor, Steve Roach. Both have greatly contributed to my numismatic experience. Also, my contact at Coin World, Paul Gilkes, has made writing this column easier.

Hundreds of others have also contributed to my enjoyment of this hobby.

I sincerely want to thank you for making my experience one of a lifetime.

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