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I’m looking for pictures of the “Extra Leaf” 2004-D Wisconsin quarter dollars. How can I see photos of this variety online?

James Walker

Mount Laurel, NJ

Typing “2004-D Wisconsin quarter,” “Extra Leaf High,” “Extra Leaf Low” or a combination thereof into an Internet search engine (such as Google or Yahoo) should provide a great number of results for anyone seeking images of the Wisconsin quarter dollar variations.

This Coin World’s “Readers Ask” column illustrates the two variations of the 2004-D Wisconsin quarter dollar (and a normal coin) both in print version (shown above) and in the online version of this article at the Coin World website

Coin World first reported on the discovery of the Extra Leaf High and Extra Leaf Low variations in its Jan. 10, 2005, issue.

Naturally, the appearance of the two leaf-like anomalies left hobbyists wondering if it was an intentional design change on the part of the Mint or an error.

Two weeks later, Coin World ran an article that quoted a U.S. Mint representative as saying the extra leaves did not represent a design change, but were “deep gouges in the blanks that did not fully coin out.”

Over time, many numismatic researchers have offered varying opinions as to the origin of the variants.

Regardless of how it happened, the coins continue to remain popular with State quarter collectors.

I have an eighth edition “Red Book” with the name “John R Slusher” imprinted on the lower right portion of the cover with matching gold letters. What can you tell me about this?

Ron Thompson

West Milton, Ohio

Coin World contacted Kenneth Bressett, editor of Whitman Publishing’s A Guide Book of United States Coins (otherwise known in hobby circles as the “Red Book”) who said:

“To the best of my knowledge Whitman never made any personalized imprints like the one described in this letter. Although the 8th edition (1955) was slightly before my employment at Whitman (1959), I think that I would have heard about such a practice if it ever happened.

“Furthermore, I do not think that they had equipment that would be needed to imprint books in that fashion. My guess is that the Slusher name was added by someone with a small hot-stamping press, as a personal embellishment.”

Readers who wish to provide further information on this particular “Red Book” or others like it are welcome to contact “Readers Ask.”

Coin World’s Readers Ask department does not accept coins or other items for examination without prior permission from staff member Erik Martin. Readers Ask also does not examine error or variety coins. Materials sent to Readers Ask without prior permission will be returned unexamined. Please address all Readers Ask inquiries to or call 800-673-8311, Ext. 274.

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