How do vending machines know if a coin is real?

1. Yes, vending machines can tell the difference

Casey Chan, the editor of SPLOIDraised an interesting point in a recent online post.

How can vending machines tell the difference between real coins and fake coins?

Chan, who mentions that he often pondered the thought as a child, learned how these machines are able to keep up.

"Vending machines use light sensors to measure the size of a coin and electromagnets to detect the metal type to determine what kind of coin it is," Chan writes. "If you’re not shaped like a quarter and built like a quarter, you ain’t a quarter in their book."

The process is a fascinating one. The video above offers a look inside a vending machine.

2. For the kids

Keeping with the theme of fun videos, the United States Mint has released an animated video on designing coins.

The video isn’t your average numismatic overview, as it is quite interactive and engaging.

While the video is geared toward young collectors, the general process of designing and producing coins is something any coin fan would enjoy.

3. Medals in New York

The April 25 Doyle sale in New York will feature some prized medals depicting a few very recognizable presidents.

According to Norman R. Scrivener, Doyle philatelic and numismatic specialist, "The current lot count is at approximately 180 lots, with the split between coin and postage stamps at about 40 percent each.”

Have a look at the silver Indian peace medals for sale

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5.  Precious metals pricing lists the following prices per ounce Tuesday at 3:16 p.m. ET:

  • Gold: $1,241.20
  • Silver: $15.340

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