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Hobbyists report latest varieties in collections

Varieties Notebook column from the Jan. 16, 2017, Weekly issue of Coin World:

Don Hall gets us started with a 1959-D/D Lincoln cent that shows a very nice repunched Mint mark. It would be described as a D/D East with the most prominent doubling being on the right side of the vertical bar of the D. I have this one listed in my files as 1959-D 1¢ WRPM-007.

Prior to 1990, the Mint mark was hand punched into the working dies and it usually required more than one tap of the mallet to create a satisfactory impression of the Mint mark in the die. If there was any movement of the punch between taps with the mallet, a doubled Mint mark would result. 

A 1983 Lincoln cent with a strong doubled die obverse was submitted by Sheila Ruley. Strong doubling shows on the letters of LIBERTY and the letters of IN GOD WE TRUST. Lesser doubling shows on the date. I have this one listed as 1983 1¢ WDDO-001. It was deemed strong enough to be included in The Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties where it is identified as FS-01-1983-101 (035). It is also in the Combined Organizations of Error Collectors of America doubled die files listed as 1-O-V.

A 2015-P Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge quarter dollar with a nice doubled die reverse was submitted by Michael Beach. Doubling shows below the right end of the upper grass strip that can be found between the great egret (background left) and the great blue heron (foreground right). I list this one as 2015-P 25¢ DE WDDR-037. These quarter dollars are proving to be a fruitful source of doubled dies for the die variety hunters.

Fourteen-year-old Tanner Scott has joined the die variety hunt and submitted a 2016-P Cumberland Gap National Historical Park quarter dollar with a doubled die reverse. The fringe on the frontiersman’s coat is doubled to the left of the upper right arm. I now have this one listed in my doubled die files as 2016-P 25¢ KY WDDR-008.

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