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Grading services certify thousands of 2019-W quarter dollars

Third-party grading services are being inundated with submissions containing combined thousands of 2019 circulation quality America the Beautiful quarter dollars struck at the West Point Mint.

The West Point Mint struck 2 million apiece of the five 2019 America the Beautiful quarter dollars for random distribution nationwide mixed in with Denver and Philadelphia Mint versions of the same coins.

The fifth and final 2019-W quarter dollar, for Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, was issued Nov. 4.

The bulk of the coins graded thus far by the services are Mint State 67.

ANACS senior numismatist/grader Michael Fahey says the grading service is receiving numerous submissions, with most containing examples of the 2019-W quarter dollars.

So far, ANACS has certified 8,453 2019-W quarter dollars — 4,352 for Lowell National Historical Park, 1,925 for American Memorial Park, 2,079 for War in the Pacific National Historical Park, and 97 for San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. As of Nov. 25, ANACS had not processed any submissions containing 2019-W Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness quarter dollars.

Max Spiegel, senior vice president of sales and market marketing for Certified Collectibles Group, parent to Numismatic Guaranty Corp., says NGC has been receiving a steady stream of submissions containing the 2019-W quarter dollars every week over the past several months.

NGC’s Census Report indicates 11,491 2019-W Lowell quarter dollars have been graded and encapsulated, 2,548 of the American Memorial coins, 5,322 of the War in the Pacific coins, and 4,573 of the San Antonio coins. No submission of 2019-W River of No Return Wilderness quarter dollars is yet recorded as certified by NGC.

Professional Coin Grading Service President Brett Charville said, it “wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say we’re getting thousands a week.”

The PCGS Population Report indicates the grading service has certified a total of 23,332 examples combined for the five 2019-W quarter dollars — 9,183 Lowell quarter dollars, 3,073 American Memorial coins, 6,602 of the War in the Pacific quarters, 4,018 of the San Antonio release and 296 of the River of No Return coins.

Independent Coin Graders has certified a total of 74 of the five 2019-W quarter dollars — with the 48 coins for the 2019-W Lowell coin being the highest tally. 

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