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Week's Most Read: Gold 'Mercury' dimes back on sale

The big story of the week on concerned the several thousand 2016-W Winged Liberty Head gold dimes that were made available by the U.S. Mint Dec. 15.

It’s time to catch up on the week that was in numismatic insights and news.

Coin World is looking back at its five most-read stories of the week.

Click the links to read the stories. Here they are, in reverse order: 

5. 2016 Lincoln cent shows combination of errors expert has never seen on U.S. coin: Within a collector’s newest batch of 2016 Lincoln cents, one coin stood out among all the others. There are two reasons why.

4. A century ago, Mint officials were close to missing a deadline: In December 1916, Mint officials were busy trying to fulfill what they believed to be a statutory requirement to replace the existing designs of the dime, quarter dollar, and half dollar.

3. One last step: Congress passes 2019 commemorative coin bill for Apollo 11 anniversary: Bill Gibbs explains why the measure would authorize the most ambitious commemorative coin program in years.

2. The Whydah of 1717: After three decades, the shipwreck continues to impress: The amazing discovery and recovery effort of one of North America’s most famous shipwrecks is the focus of a recent video segment by Great Big Story.

1. Thousands of unsold Winged Liberty Head gold dimes went back on sale: As many as 8,000 to 9,000 unsold 2016-W Winged Liberty Head gold dimes had been languishing in the U.S. Mint’s inventory for almost eight months.

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