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Gobrecht Journal going to larger color format

The Gobrecht Journal, the print journal of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club, will transition to a large-size format all in color starting with Issue #121.

The issue, to be mailed to LSCC members in November, will publicly debut Oct. 31 at the LSCC regional meeting to be held in conjunction with the Whitman Baltimore Coin & Collectibles Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center.

"The revised format enables the use of oversize color photographs and large tables in support of club member articles," according to LSCC's president, Gerry Fortin. "Advertisers will also find the revised format to be a competitive option for reaching out to the Liberty Seated collecting community.

Bill Bugert, Gobrecht Journal editor, scheduled the printing of Issue #121 with sufficient lead time to allow for a formal release at the LSCC Baltimore regional meeting to be held at 9 a.m. Oct. 31 in room 301 of the convention center.

LSCC members in attendance will receive their Gobrecht Journal Issue #121 at the meeting with an opportunity to have Bugert or authors in attendance inscribe their copies as a commemoration of the historical event, according to Fortin.

Attendees who are not yet members can secure a copy of Issue #121 by submitting an LSCC membership application and $20 dues payment at the regional meeting.  The balance of Issue #121 will be mailed to current club members in early November.  Additional copies will be available at the Baltimore LSCC Club Table #1612 for non-members joining the club during the show.

For more information, visit the LSCC website.

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