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FUN journal article tells story behind depictions of

Depictions of the concept of Liberty on coins are discussed in the fall issue of FUNtopics, the journal of Florida United Numismatists.

“Victoria, Roma, Securitas, Ceres, Annona, Virtus, Concordia, Felicitas, Aequitas, Minerva, Fortuna, Spes, Pax, Dacia, Providentia, Hispania, Britannia, Africa, Cappadocia, Corcordia, Justitia, Venus, Diana, Libertas. For those not familiar with these names, they are Roman goddesses that have found themselves engraved on the reverse of many an ancient Roman coin,” writes BJ Neff. “Out of the list above, there is one goddess that has transcended the ages to be remembered even in today’s world, for she is a common sight to coin collectors.”

Other stories include information about collecting and investing in Morgan silver dollars, and becoming an informed buyer of coins. The journal also offers general membership information.

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