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FUN 2017: Two key-date coins bring same exact price

The breadth of Heritage’s Florida United Numismatists convention auctions meant that collectors had a wide-range of choices if they were looking for a key date to add to their sets. The various sessions offered dozens of 1909-S Lincoln, V.D.B. cents in grades ranging from Fine to the top example, a PCGS MS-67 red cent that sold for $61,687.50.

It is tied with 14 others on the PCGS population report as the finest-certified, though the number has been increasing slowly in recent years.

At last year’s FUN auctions, Heritage offered a different example in this grade. At that time it was one of just 13 like-graded examples by PCGS and it brought $94,000. Two years earlier Heritage offered another comparably graded example that realized $117,500 — at that time it was one of just 11 certified by PCGS in this grade.

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The 1909-S Lincoln, V.D.B. cent is a coin that enjoys seemingly endless demand. As Heritage writes, “Few coins evoke childlike wonder like the 1909-S VDB. For collectors who started out in this hobby filling spaces in Whitman albums or some such holders, the 1909-S VDB always represented the pinnacle of achievement. The acquisition of an example, no matter the condition, was a true mark of accomplishment.” Just 484,000 examples were struck at the San Francisco Mint and though many were saved since it was the first year of issue of a new design (and because it was swiftly replaced with a version lacking the V.D.B. initials), relatively few remain in high grades with original red Mint color.

Lincoln cent

Lincoln cent:  The popular Lincoln cent has gone through several reverse updates since it was introduced in 1909 to honor the nation's 16th president on the 100th anniversary of his birth. How much are Lincoln cents worth?

When used to describe a cent’s color, “red” is perhaps a misnomer. On this coin Heritage notes, “The obverse displays light pumpkin-gold color with glints of sky-blue, while the reverse is more richly toned in shades of copper-orange and lilac. These magnificent hues combine with vibrant mint frost to generate unsurpassed eye appeal.”

Another popular first year of issue key is the 1916-D Winged Liberty Head dime. Just 264,000 examples were struck at the Denver Mint, all in November 1916. Like the 1909-S Lincoln, V.D.B. cent, many of these first-year-of-issue “Mercury” dimes were saved at the time of issue because of the novelty of a new design, but it is a rarity in better Mint State grades with fully struck bands on the reverse.

Winged Liberty Head dimeWinged Liberty Head dime: The Winged Liberty Head dime – popularly though erroneously known as the "Mercury dime" – is considered by many the most attractive U.S. 10-cent coin. How much are Winged Liberty Head dimes worth?

Heritage offered an example graded MS-66 full bands by PCGS — one of just 22 like-graded examples with just 10 recorded as finer by PCGS — and it also brought $61,687.50.

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