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Fuhrman half cent reference volume covers 1793 to 1797

The third of four volumes comprising “The Half Cent Handbook” is now available from the author.

Coin World scans of covers.

The Half Cent Handbook: Liberty Cap Varieties 1793–1797 — the third volume of a planned four-volume series by numismatic researcher Ed Fuhrman on U.S. half cents — is now available for purchase directly from the author.

The 253-page hardcover book is being offered at $125 postpaid in a limited run of fewer than 500 copies.

The reference is profusely illustrated with full-color images of each variety, attributed by Cohen number as cataloged in American Half Cents: The “Little Half Sisters” by Roger S. Cohen Jr. Illustrations also include schematics identifying the details of each coin design.

Tips are provided on how to attribute die varieties and how to collect them.

Chapters address die states, planchet stock edge lettering devices, variety rarity, pricing, provenance, and coin photography.

Separate chapters are dedicated to how to grade 1793 Liberty Cap half cents, how to grade 1794 Liberty Cap, Low Relief half cents, how to grade 1794 Liberty Head, High Relief half cents, and how to grade 1795 to 1797 Liberty Cap half cents.

Fuhrman can be reached via email at; via Facebook online at; or through a Facebook group,

The fourth and final volume in the series of references on half cents, The Half Cent Handbook: Errors and Oddities, is currently in the early editing stages and will be released sometime this fall, according to Fuhrman.

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