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Free Coin World iPad app available

Coin World’s free application (known as an “app”) for the iPad is now live and can be obtained through Apple’s iTunes App Store at

The free app offers rich content such as the News and Marketplace features that are available at Coin World’s website.

Also released today are two paid apps — Coin Values and Making the Grade.

The Coin Values app provides a new way to view and access coin values information for more than 65,000 values of U.S. coins.

The Making the Grade app is a digital version of the popular grading guide book of the same name. It provides high-resolution color images of a wide range of grades for the top 50 most widely collected series of U.S. coins. The iPad technology allows a viewer to select images of the various grades and pinch-and-zoom to see the precise details and also read the descriptions that pinpoint the critical areas used in determining a coin’s level of preservation or grade. It also contains color maps that depict the critical areas of a coin’s surface as well as high-points maps that designate critical areas to check for evidence of wear. ¦

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