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Forums offer collectors opportunities to voice opinions

Do you have an opinion about some facet of collecting or decisions and actions that affect you that you would like to share with fellow collectors and the numismatic community at large?

Coin World, throughout its 51 years of publishing, has provided forums for readers to express their opinions and to share ideas. And these forums are open to you, including several new options.

Coin World reader forums are now presented in multiple venues: the traditional Letters to the Editor and Guest Commentary published in our print edition; in the comments feature that accompanies each article published at the free section of the Coin World website; and through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Coin World’s expansion of its online offerings now affords readers multiple opportunities to offer opinions on the news articles we report and the many columns we publish both in print and online.

At the end of each article published at our website (, you will find a comments box. Let us know what you think about a particular news article or column by clicking on the comments box and adding your opinion.

If you prefer, you can also click on the Facebook and Twitter links at the bottom of each article and comment through those social media.

The expansion of our online presence to allow immediate reader comment is an exciting venture for us at Coin World.

Of course, the print edition of Coin World remains open to all as a traditional venue for reader input.

Letters to the Editor is not only the most popular participation forum, but also the most widely read. The submission volume of letters is such that not every letter received can be published. However, care is taken to select letters that reflect the breadth and diversity of opinion expressed as well as to offer a balance of useful and interesting information.

Publication of a particular letter does not indicate that Coin World supports or condones the statements made. To publish only statements or opinions with which a particular editor agrees would constitute a form of censorship. A philosophy deeply held within Coin World is that those who may espouse an unpopular opinion should be given no less consideration than those who agree with the majority. For such is the essence of a free press in a democratic society.

Throughout the numismatic community, Coin World’s Letters to the Editor page is regarded as a barometer of collector opinions, observations and perceptions. Close reading on a regular basis provides insight and understanding of collectors’ state of mind and status of existence.

As with many facets of American life, collectors tend to speak out more frequently about the things they don’t like than the things they do like. However, even with a bias toward the “negative,” many positive ideas and actions germinate, grow and become reality because of the ability of many people to add their “two cents’ worth” in a forum of national debate.

Coin World does not publish anonymous Letters to the Editor nor does it present unidentified Guest Commentaries. The reason is simple: An idea or opinion is important, but so, too, is the identity of the person who offers it. It is Coin World’s policy to publish the name of the writer and the city and state of his residence. Upon the writer’s request, the city and state may be withheld for security reasons. However, address information and a daytime telephone number must be disclosed to Coin World for purposes of verification. No letters are published with the writer’s name withheld.

Suggested length for a Letter to the Editor is 200 words. Generally, such length affords the writer the opportunity to state his opinion about the topic. If the topic demands greater length, the letter is given consideration for publication as a Guest Commentary on the Editorial-Opinion page. Suggested length for a Guest Commentary is a maximum of 600 to 750 words, although it is sometimes accorded more space.

Legibility is an important factor when considering submissions. Although handwritten Letters to the Editor and Guest Commentaries are accepted, they must be clear and easily read. Hand-printing or mechanical printing (typewriter or computer printout) expedite the editing process.

The mailing address is Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box 150, Sidney, OH 45365-0150. The same postal address is used for the Guest Commentary. Also, Letters to the Editor or Guest Commentaries may be submitted via email. Submissions for either may be sent via email to

When submitting a Guest Commentary, please submit a biography of approximately 25 words that can be used in preparing a short author ID.

All forms of opinion (Letters to the Editor and Guest Commentary) are edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, style and libel. Although every effort is made to retain a writer’s individuality, Coin World’s legal responsibilities as a publisher always must be the final determinant as to whether a particular Letter to the Editor or Guest Commentary is published.

So, if you would like to share your opinion with fellow collectors, compose a lucid statement of your ideas and submit it! There are many exciting aspects of collecting in the numismatic field and many issues that collectors desire to voice their opinions about. Coin World gladly offers a responsible public forum for all who would stand up and be counted. ¦

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