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Sales for 2017-P American Liberty silver medal

Without any product or household ordering limits in place, the U.S. Mint sold 24,233 of the Proof 2017-P American Liberty 225th Anniversary silver medals on June 15.

Sales began at noon ET.

Through 10 a.m. June 16, when sales figures were released, 30,824 medals were recorded sold.

The medals are offered for $59.95 each.

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The medal is the first of five to be issued bearing the same designs that appear on the 2017-W American Liberty $100 gold coin, but without the coin inscriptions. While the gold coins are struck in high relief, the silver medals are being struck in lower relief.

The remaining four medals are to be offered later in calendar year 2017 in a special set, with each medal struck with a different finish and at a separate Mint production facility.

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For the  set, the Philadelphia Mint will be striking a Reverse Proof 2017-P medal. Medals will also be struck at the San Francisco, West Point, and Denver Mints: a 2017-S medal with a standard Proof finish, a 2017-W medal exhibiting an Enhanced Uncirculated finish, and a 2017-D medal with an Uncirculated finish.

The silver medals are struck on the same 1-ounce .999 fine silver planchets used for striking American Eagle silver bullion coins.

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