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Fed reveals coin release dates

The Federal Reserve has published release dates for the four 2012 Presidential dollars and five 2012 America the Beautiful quarter dollars for circulation.

The information also includes the dates between which Federal Reserve member banks and financial institutions may order circulation-quality quantities of a specific Presidential dollar both before and after their respective release dates.

The five-week window allows depository institutions to order unmixed quantities of the current Presidential dollar release in boxes containing $1,000 worth of wrapped $25 rolls.

If a depository institution wants to order $2,000 bags of loose Presidential $1 Coin or $2,000 bags of circulated coins, they must contact their local Federal Reserve office to place a special request order.

The 2012 Presidential dollars, their release date and special ordering period are:

? Chester A. Arthur, Feb. 16; Jan. 26 to March 1.

? Grover Cleveland, May 17; April 26 to May 31.

? Benjamin Harrison, Aug. 16; July 26 to Aug. 30.

? Grover Cleveland, Nov. 15; Oct. 25 to Nov. 29.

The circulation release dates for the five 2012 America the Beautiful quarter dollars are:

? El Yunque National Forest (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico), Jan. 23.

? Chaco Culture National Park (New Mexico), April 2.

? Acadia National Park (Maine), June 11.

? Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii), Aug. 27.

? Denali National Park (Alaska), Nov. 5. ¦

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