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Fall California Numismatist features Confederate money,

Confederate and Southern coins and paper money, a fond recollection of former U.S. Mint Director Mary Brooks and a profile on member Michael Turrini are just some of the stories featured in the fall edition of The California Numismatist.

The magazine is the official publication of the California State Numismatic Association and the Numismatic Association of Southern California.

Sol Taylor provides a look at Brooks in an article titled “It Makes Cents: Mary Brooks, a Numismatic Ally.” Taylor, a specialist in Lincoln cents, looks at Brooks’ life and career before, during and after her service as Mint director in the Nixon and Ford administrations. Among Taylor’s recollections is his participation in Brooks’ 1974 call for Americans to turn in their Lincoln cents, prompted by a nationwide shortage of the denomination in circulation.

Jim Wells examines Southern numismatic materials issued during the Civil War in “Dixie’s Denominations; Dixie’s Dilemmas.”

Jim Hunt profiles Turrini, a longtime hobby activist in California, in the issue’s “Numismatic Luminary” segment.

Other articles in the issue include “What Should You Do Before You Go?” — a story explaining how to pass along a collection to heirs; “Warning! Warning!” — which alerts gold owners about the pitfalls of selling their gold; “Through the Numismatic Glass: Seven U.S. Presidents Were Born in Ohio” — a piece detailing the seven native Ohioans who served as U.S. president; and “Make the Hobby Interesting,” which recommends obtaining knowledge in addition to collecting numismatic objects.

Various club events, reports and news are also contained in the fall issue.

The California Numismatist is published quarterly and distributed to all CSNA and NASC members.

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